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Indiana State Child Abuse Hotline

By reporting even the slightest suspicion of child abuse or neglect, you could help save the life of a child. Do not be afraid to report; you may be the only witness. Call the Indiana State Child Abuse Hotline to make an anonymous report. This number is answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Corrective investigative actions can then take place to help the child.

Call 911 if the child is in imminent danger.

Indiana State Child Abuse Hotline reports since inception of Kohl’s Caring For Our Kids program.

2010 – 102,686 REPORTS
2011 – 146,070 REPORTS
2012 – 155,192 REPORTS
2013 – 156,192 REPORTS
2014 – 161,996 REPORTS
2015 – 202,493 REPORTS

Additional Resources

From pregnancy through teen years parents and children experience constant growth, change and adaptation. The American Academy of Pediatrics “Ages of Stages” provides guidance and information for parents of children of all ages addressing growth, development, healthy living, safety, prevention and more.

Prevent Child Abuse America offers information for parents, expert advice, statistics about the problem and public policy.

The CDC website provides information on positive parenting tips through all ages with special sections on development and mental health.

View presentations from the Child Protection Programs team at Riley Hospital for Children about child abuse and neglect.